Michael Diacon, SASKATCHEWAN

This Warmboard Works features the addition/renovation of a home in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan by the homeowner. The project included an overhaul of the old heating system to make way for a more effective, energy efficient alternative.

It was during the renovation and addition to our house that we decided to a look at updating our heating system.  One of my sisters had had in-floor heating in a couple of her houses, so I was familiar with the concept and had always enjoyed it.  After some research we decided to go with in-floor heating, partially due to efficiency; furnaces tend not to be as efficient as hot water heat, and partially due to the difference in comfort.

This prompted research into the various methods of in-floor heat: staple-up, lay-down, the one where you pour concrete over top, etc. And then I came across Warmboard.  As I continued researching I realized that Warmboard was the most efficient at distributing heat. That’s what sold me in the end.

I did the majority of the installation work myself, however I did have a couple of individuals with some experience working on construction projects. They were impressed with how easily the Warmboard-R went down, as well as how heavy and sound the Warmboard-S panels were. Everyone that either helped with the installation process or witnessed it was quite impressed with the ease of it all.

Most remarkable though, is the follow-up from the company. Warmboard has been in touch with me many times over the course of the project. Right from the beginning when I first sent the query in, through the completion of the project, down to an email a few days ago asking for feedback and input. The company looks after you every step of the way.

I turned the heat on in March, so we’re just ending a full year of heating. It’s been wonderful to walk from one area to another and feel nice, comfortable warmth. Even my wife has commented how evenly heated it is, and the lack of cold spots. I’ve also noticed that when I don’t have all of the loops on, as I walk from one area to another I can actually feel the difference walking from a warm area into a cool one. Not just the heat on the floor, but the actual space itself feels much cooler. I’m very impressed with how well it keeps the whole house warm.

Michael Diacon is a journeyman electrician with 30 years experience, currently working for SaskPolyTech training 2nd, 3rd and 4th-year apprentices as well as running an electrical contracting company, 4D Electric, with his daughter and son-in-law.

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