This Warmboard Works comes from Chris Rapczynski of Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc., a design-build company with 25 years of experience creating one-of-a-kind high-end custom homes in Boston and throughout New England.


“We were first exposed to Warmboard via a publication on radiant floor heating. When we learned more about the company and the product, we were very much interested in using it. We just installed the product for the first time in a 15,000 square foot custom home on Cape Cod.

In learning more about Warmboard and working with their team, it was clear that Warmboard prioritized partnering with other businesses to ensure the success of their project. They provide drawings, send all of the product you need to execute the work, and they have a representative that comes on-site to talk through the installation process and provide guidance. Other radiant floor companies require you to get tubing from one vendor, connectors from another, and other materials elsewhere – and often, the installation is left entirely to the general contractor. Warmboard operates differently. They set themselves apart from the competition by providing everything required to get the job done – and they see the implementation through until completion. This not only ensures that the project goes smoothly, but also creates efficiencies that allow our team to put more time and focus into other aspects of large projects that require our attention.

Chris Lambton, star of "Yard Crashers", "Going Yard" and ABC's "The Bachelorette", joins us on-site in hometown of Cape Cod to see a new home being built with Warmboard radiant.

Our projects are often large in scope and complex, and as a result, we face challenges when installing radiant floor heating for these types of jobs. One of the challenges we face when installing radiant floor heating is the need to accommodate multiple materials. For example, the radiant floor heating needs to work properly with both hard wood and tiled flooring, and both of these materials react differently to heat. There is a certain distance that the heating needs to be away from the material. We have found that the quality of Warmboard’s substrate allows for ease of installation in these types of scenarios, and their representatives work with us to navigate challenges like this.  

We highly recommend Warmboard and will use it again – it is certainly in the upper echelon when it comes to radiant heating products.