EarthRoamer builds the world’s best expedition vehicles and continues to set the bar for quality, craftsmanship, design, and innovation. They are an incredible company building incredible products – and the new EarthRoamer XV-HD is no exception.

To give you a sense of scale of the  EarthRoamer XV-HD , that guy is 5'10".

To give you a sense of scale of the EarthRoamer XV-HD, that guy is 5'10".


The XV-HD was designed for those who love the quality, design and craftsmanship of their other vehicles, but desired more space and amenities. In addition to being more spacious, the HD also provides greater fuel, water, solar and battery capacities. Owners can experience the most efficient, state-of-the-art and self-sufficient expedition vehicle ever, allowing longer, more comfortable trips into the wild. And part of that comfort, comes from Warmboard. Our radiant panels are installed beneath the cabin, providing ample warmth in any event, in any location.

“When building the XV-HD we knew we wanted to something on a much grander scale, not just when it came to size, but to comfort as well. We did a quick search on radiant heating and quickly found Warmboard. Through additional research we confirmed our initial suspicions – Warmboard was indeed the ideal choice for our vehicle. The product was strong and durable and would be able to quickly provide the heat our clients demand. Equally important in our mind was energy usage. We designed the HD to be self-sufficient off grid, and wanted to keep energy use in mind. The Warmboard system provides incredible comfort from very low water temperatures, allowing us to send that energy to other systems in the vehicle. Installation was seamless, and the support provided by the staff was invaluable.”


President, COO, Designer and Co-owner

Some features includeD:

  • Four Season, All Weather Capable
  • Self Sufficient, No Propane, No Noisy Generator
  • Massive Rooftop Solar Array
  • Lithium Battery Bank
  • Intelligently Designed Luxury Interior
  • Massive Fuel and Water Tanks
  • Hydraulic Leveling System
  • Heavy Duty Ford F-750 4WD Chassis
  • Powerful, Efficient, Turbo Diesel Engine
  • Handcrafted in Colorado, Built Custom to Order


You can learn more about EarthRoamer by reaching out or following their channels below.